on a range of attractions
Card is valid from August - 19th December 2014
*Applications close 30th November 2014
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We look forward to welcoming you to Barbados - an island with a wide range of first-class attractions

Friends who have visited Barbados have invented a new verb: “Barbadossing”. They just lie on the beach like beached whales, or spend all their time marooned by the pool, and do absolutely nothing. Their idea of exertion or activity is usually little more than leaning over to pick up the cocktail menu.

I’m one of those irritating folk who can’t sit still on holiday. I’m as partial to lying on a beach as the next person, but an hour is usually enough for me before I start to twitch.

Fortunately there is hope for restless souls like me who prefer thrill-seeking to the beach, because Barbados has no end of new adventures.
- Max Wooldridge, Daily Telegraph
While on island, take advantage of the phenomenal re-Discover Barbados Restaurant promotion which runs until December 15th , 2014
3 Course Dinner
Including a bottle of wine per couple (VAT and service charge included) BDS$99
US$50 per person
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